Clashing of Worlds

Worlds that have no connection to one another are suddenly starting to be mixed and mashed, how will this turn out....will heroes join to finally stamp out evil or will this cause more trouble than ever before?
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PostSubject: Site rules   Site rules Icon_minitimeThu Apr 16, 2009 8:15 pm

These rules are here for a reason, follow them or else. I am running a three strikes your out rule, which is simple to understand. You make three big mistakes you are going to be banned.

1. No flaming others.

2. Canon characters cannot be killed for good, I mean come on if Villains were killed off for good who would their be to fight? The same goes for heroes, without them this site loses what makes it what it is. Now yes you can kill them but they can be brought back to life, just another person has to be them. You don't deserve to be that character if you got them killed, and you will have to start back from the beginning. ((On rare cases I might allow someone to regain their canon character if enough people agree want that person to be that Canon character. Go to chat section and make a poll if you want to try this.))

3. Go easy on the swearing, you can swear every once in a while but if every post you make has a swear word then I will get on to you.

4. Do not post any sexual content, there are young kids on this site we don't want to mentally scar them.(This rule must be followed, if you break this rule you will get a strike on you.)

5. Show the admins, mods, and myself respect. If you do this you will have a much better time here.

6. Do not auto hit anyone, auto hitting is hitting someone without giving them a chance to dodge it.
User A slashes off user B's head killing user B.(DON'T DO THIS!! If you do you will get a strike on you.)

User A tries to slash off user B's head but user B dodges it.(This is ok since you gave User B a chance to dodge.)

7. NO GOD MODDING!! God modding is making yourself all powerful and unable to die, no one likes god modders and neither do I. Another god modding thing is not allowing you to get hit, now I'm not saying you got to get beat up every time you fight but let yourself get hit every once in a while.(Break this rule and I will give you a strike.)

8. Watch how much you post in the non-rp can talk there but if most of your post come from there. There will be hell to pay.

9. One canon character per account. You can make as many customs as you want.

10. Do not use anything that hasn't been approved of yet, if you do I will give you a strike.

11. No super stars cause that would make you unable to be hurt and that is god modding, also the chaos emeralds are not to be made by anyone I have plans for the emeralds and I might make it where you can earn one. This does talk about ANY legendary items, be it from what ever game your Canon character has come from, if you want to earn it then well send me a PM about it and I MIGHT think of a way to make it an item or something.

12. Unless otherwise stated by the topic creator for an RP, all RP's will follow the turn rule. This means that everyone in an topic can only post ONCE before having to wait for everyone else to post as well, order of how it goes doesn't matter you just need to wait for others to post before you can. This keeps fokes from getting left behind but still allows some flexibility in post order just in case it is needed, please follow this as no one likes being left behind. FYI if a person takes more than 2 days to post and did not provide a good reason for not being able to post, they are skipped in the topic from then on till they post again in it.

13. KEEP YOUR PROFILE UP TO DATE!!! It makes it so much easier on your fellow members to look up things on any of the many characters you make, so like I said.........KEEP THEM UP TO DATE!!!!


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