Clashing of Worlds

Worlds that have no connection to one another are suddenly starting to be mixed and mashed, how will this turn out....will heroes join to finally stamp out evil or will this cause more trouble than ever before?
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 EXAMPLE: Dr. Eggman

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PostSubject: EXAMPLE: Dr. Eggman   EXAMPLE: Dr. Eggman Icon_minitimeWed Feb 27, 2008 6:27 am

Name: Dr. Eggman

Age: 30

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Side: Evil

Character Type: Power, Defense, Special, Speed

Elements: Primary: Lighting
Secondary: Earth

Description: He is 6 feet, 1 inch tall and weights 282 lb and as has an IQ of 300, he wears a red jacket that has yellow buttons on them and yellow cuffs, he also wears black pants and boots, white gloves, and goggles that covers his eyes. He is bald and has a red mustache.

Personality: Doctor Eggman is an evil genius whose goal is to take over the world and create his own nation, Eggmanland, ruled by the Eggman Empire. Originally this was by imprisoning the animal populations inside robots to serve his every whim, but now he has a tendency to build the biggest, strongest weapon he can think of, and threaten nations with it. His plans have always failed however, due to Sonic the Hedgehog. He has designed and built several large airships, such as the Egg Carrier and a space station called the Death Egg . He has also designed and built countless robots, a number of which resemble either himself or his longtime rival, Sonic (and sometimes, Sonic's friends).

Despite his intelligence, Eggman is terribly immature, prone to emotional fits and breaking things when he loses. He is a romanticist, a feminist, and a self-professed gentleman. Sadly, his charms are difficult to spot through the abominable laughter that accompanies his maniacal declarations of world domination". He also seems to be very egotistical; a vast number of his weapons and robots are built in his likeness, and his production logo is a crude depiction of his own face. Although Eggman generally tries to rule the world, he is quite willing to help save it from threats greater than himself, such as Perfect Chaos, Metal Sonic, Black Doom, or Solaris. However, Eggman is still a dangerous foe to both Sonic and his friends

Strengths: Eggman has very high IQ, he is also a pretty tough man to take out, he got the ability to make pretty much any type of technological device a person can think up, he is also quite strong for a human even though he doesn't look like it much. He is pretty good with hand to hand combat as well due to how he was just so sick and tired of his machines getting torn apart by Sonic, and he is a pretty good pilot of any type of vehicle as well as a good gun expert.

Weaknesses: He isn't the fastest guy around so don't worry about him catching you if you are a fast person, he has a bad temper so at times it will cause him to mess up and do stupid things, he is also at times immature. Oh and don't expect him to be any good in a low tech situation as he is not good with swords, bows and arrows, slings, or any other low tech weapons. He needs his tech to be good at anything.

History: Eggman's first evil act is when he attempted to collect seven Chaos Emeralds and rule South Island, turning the island's inhabitants into his loyal robots in the process. He was defeated by sonic but had returned once more, where he once again searched for the seven Chaos Emeralds, this time to fuel his new Death Egg warship. Sadly he was defeated again but it was not too long before he, along with Metal Sonic, travels to Little Planet in search of magical stones that have the power to control the passage of time, hoping to use these stones to take the planet over. But YET AGAIN he was defeated and then the Death Egg crash-lands onto Angel Island when he was retreating. While repairing the ship, Eggman meets Knuckles the Echidna, whom he tricks into believing that Sonic is trying to steal the Chaos Emeralds, which Eggman wants to use to repair the Death Egg. But that fails as well when Knuckles teams up with Sonic and kicks Eggman off the island, this put the mad man back in his plans for conquest but it would only be a matter of time before he was at it again.

In time Eggman learns of the legendary beast Chaos, and seeks out the Master Emerald. Upon finding it, he shatters it, freeing Chaos in the process. Eggman's goal here is to control Chaos, and use its destructive powers to conquer the world and to obtain the Chaos Emeralds to feed Chaos so that it transforms into its most powerful form. But that plan fails when Chaos turns on Eggman and then the creature's defeat at the hands of sonic. Years later, Eggman revives the anti-hero Shadow the Hedgehog from dormancy. Shadow, knowing Eggman's desire to rule the world, agrees to help him by using the Eclipse Cannon aboard Space Colony ARK. But then Shadow betrays Eggman and then tries to crack ARK into Earth. Thus forces Eggman to aid Sonic in order to save himself and the Earth from destruction by stopping the ARK's crash course and the Biolizard, the creation of his grandfather and to which Sonic and Eggman succeed in doing. Only a few months later, Eggman is captured by his own creation, Metal Sonic, who then disguises himself as Eggman in order to complete his own evil plan. Thankfully Sonic stopped the mad robot which allowed Eggman to escape and continue on his quest for world domination. It was then that Eggman was visited by his counterpart and/or descendant, Eggman Nega. Though Eggman soon learned Eggman Nega was so evil that he had to be stopped, sadly Eggman Nega captured him before he could though Sonic and friends where able to beat Eggman Nega. This freed Eggman once more and the fat scientist agreed to never accept help from another Eggman like that.

Years later, he acts as an opportunist attempting to gather the Chaos Emeralds while the world is being invaded, but ends up sending his robots to help stop the alien menace's wave of destruction. As Shadow seeks the truth from Eggman regarding his past, Eggman often throws off that Shadow has no past and/or he is an android Eggman created. In the end Eggman admits to Shadow that he is the real Shadow, having rescued him floating in a chaotic flux inches within the planet's orbit. After Shadow helps save the world it is a few years before our fat scientist is at it again, this time Eggman kidnaps the princess of Soleanna so that he can use the power of the Flames of Disaster sealed within her to control time. Sadly it seemed he was being used as the being known as Solaris was freed because of him, this being wanted to destroy so much that Eggman was forced to help Sonic and the other hero's once more. From then on Eggman has tried evil scheme after evil scheme to take out Sonic but each one failed like the last, it was then he invented a dimensional portal device that would allow him to see if he could gather allies from other dimensions.

But due to the meddling hedgehog the machine exploded during the final stages of its activation, this caused space and time to be torn apart and what is now causing the current events to happen as hero's AND villains are now popping up all over the place. Eggman only hopes he can use this to his advantage or he will be in deep trouble soon.

Pictures: EXAMPLE: Dr. Eggman Eggman_pose_29
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EXAMPLE: Dr. Eggman
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