Clashing of Worlds

Worlds that have no connection to one another are suddenly starting to be mixed and mashed, how will this turn out....will heroes join to finally stamp out evil or will this cause more trouble than ever before?
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 Dark Zero

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Zero the Hedgehog

Zero the Hedgehog

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PostSubject: Dark Zero   Dark Zero Icon_minitimeMon Jul 16, 2012 12:49 am

Owner: Zero

Name: Dark Zero, on occassion it is referred to as Nega Zero.

Element: Shadow

Cost: 40 EP

Description: Zero hardly resembles his regular appearance when he enters this form. He no longer has spikes on his head instead having some kind of odd jester hat-like thing attached to the back of his head. His eyes turn soulless black and his hands now have some kind of spikes around them. His nose becomes a red spike-like shape.

Advantages/Effects: When entering this form Zero has very few stat increasing effects instead having a wide selection of abilites he could not use before. Each of them have no EP price but have a limited use of them. Here are the abilites which shall be listed below.

Skyward Dash: Zero dashes forward very quickly allowing him to get to places faster without having to run all the way there. Zero often uses it to launch himself forward for an attack. He can use it a total of ten times before running out of use for it.

Fury Slash: While using the Chaos Blade for a short time Zero can preform a slow yet devasting attack with it. Darkness covers the sword and he sends a slash downward with great power and speed for heavy damage upon hitting someone. He can use a total of five of them before running out of use for it.

Teleport: A move which he can only use once. This allows him to teleport five feet or less allowing him to avoid a single attack. The ability can only be used once before running out of use for it and is somewhat uncontrolable.

The only stat increase Zero gets is that his speed increases by 5% however his personality changes as well. He can become enraged easily and often makes smart comments in an angry tone, being very angry. Also he becomes a bit twisted on occassion.

Disadvantages: Zero can not use any skill once the form ends for two posts. Although he can get enraged this is also a bad thing since he can't really control his rage while in this form and it will often lead to him being defeated. After the form his speed decreases by 10% as well.


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The Mad Genius
The Mad Genius

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PostSubject: Re: Dark Zero   Dark Zero Icon_minitimeTue Jul 17, 2012 11:56 am

Okay for now I'm going to leave the debate over the EP price alone for now, firstly I don't go for the whole so many use things. Instead I enjoy cooldowns for such things but just to let you know that doing the cooldown trick makes one have to pay more for the form than say those forms that give abilities that still cost EP -like Mystic's one form-

So first skyward dash......that is just used to move really fast toward something or somewhere right.......okay then first need a distance for it as well as a cooldown for it......the further the distance covered the longer the cooldown between uses I will ask for. Hmm I say that for every three yards covered equals 1 post of cooldown, so if you want to cover 9 yards of distance it will come with a 3 post cooldown phase. This is of course assuming the attack doesn't do any harm of its own directly.

Fury Slash is a heavy one target Shadow attack if I am that will be a 4 post cooldown at least........also you got me confused on it. Zero can preform a slow yet devastating attack at one point you say that so the attack is slow.......but then you type out downward with great power and speed for which implies it is a fast attack........Make up your mind is it slow or fast?

Lastly Teleport.....that......that is one that makes me twitchy.......Teleport is more of a Space ability since to teleport you bend space around you to allow yourself to move from one location to another without any active movement taking place. So I rather you use another way to make a "I dodge this" attack if you must, but once you do the cooldown for such a move is going to be long since normally negating an attack requires paying the same amount of EP as the attacker used. I do it like that to keep it you got a choice make that move alone have a EP cost that varies based on what ever is thrown at you OR take a 7 post cooldown for it.

Lastly in your disadvantages how long does that 10% speed drop last once you change back?

Dark Zero Eggman
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Dark Zero
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