Clashing of Worlds

Worlds that have no connection to one another are suddenly starting to be mixed and mashed, how will this turn out....will heroes join to finally stamp out evil or will this cause more trouble than ever before?
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 Level System PUT IN YOUR SIG

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PostSubject: Level System PUT IN YOUR SIG   Level System PUT IN YOUR SIG Icon_minitimeTue Sep 28, 2010 3:27 am

This is used to help show how much of a power difference there is between members. Now if a level 1 guy fights a level 10 they got a chance, fight a level 15 though and you are in for a rough ride. Level 30 and over.....well that noob is going to get their butt kicked.

Simply put, if the person is 2 or more level groups over you. RUN or get some buddies to help you fight that person, yes friends do increase your chance to win a fight. but don't expect any number level 1 people to be able to take a level 45. That will get you all killed, don't be stupid people.

More than 100---> Lvl group 10

More than 150---> Lvl group 15

More than 250---> Lvl group 25

More than 300---> Lvl group 30

More than 350---> Lvl group 35

More than 400---> Lvl group 40

More than 500---> Lvl group 50

More than 600---> Lvl group 60

More than 700---> Lvl group 70

More than 850---> Lvl group 85

More than 1000---> Lvl group 100

More than 1500---> Lvl group 150

More than 2000---> Lvl group 200

More than 2500---> Lvl group 250

More than 3000----> Lvl group 300

IF we ever have more post than 3000 *highly unlikely* I will add onto the the list.

Important note if ANYONE picks on the lower level members, I will rip you a new one. If anyone thinks they are being picked on or hunted, please PM me or any of my mods or admins about it. But you must give the link to the topic/s you are being picked on in the PM.

Also we are only going to keep up with level GROUPS, you only need to put down if you are in level group. So don't start going on about being level 11 or level 22 or anything like that.

Level System PUT IN YOUR SIG Eggman
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Level System PUT IN YOUR SIG
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