Clashing of Worlds

Worlds that have no connection to one another are suddenly starting to be mixed and mashed, how will this turn out....will heroes join to finally stamp out evil or will this cause more trouble than ever before?
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 Evalynn Robotnik

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PostSubject: Evalynn Robotnik   Evalynn Robotnik Icon_minitimeMon Jun 14, 2010 6:57 pm

Name: Evalynn Robotnik

Age: 12

Race: Human experiment

Gender: Female


Character Type: Speed, Power, Special, Defense

Elements: Primary- Wind
Secondary- Holy

Description: She stands five feet tall and weights only ninety pounds, she wears a red jacket that has yellow buttons on them and yellow cuffs,s he also wears black pants and boots, white gloves, and she has goggles she wears like a headband. Her eyes are blue in color and just like her father she has red hair, all in all she is a cute kid though her body is starting to change into a young woman.

Personality: Evalynn's personality is a bit on the curious side due to how she is always trying to take things apart, be it organic or mechanical though thankfully she does show restraint toward living creatures and robots that seem to be alive like some self-aware machines are. She is also very energetic at times when her father isn't watching as she likes to play like any kid her age, but knows to calm down and behave herself around her father due to how he is always busy and likes peace and quiet. She loves her father dearly since he IS her father but also because due to his immature nature he plays games with her at times, but she does wish he would not turn ALL the animals into machines as they not as fun as they were when organic. She does have her father's temper and when upset she can really deal out punishment, she is polite at times as well but don't expect her to be like that toward people that are mean to her or people she cares about. She can at times be a bit of a tomboy as well, tends to come with the whole mechanic/inventor/pilot territory.

Strengths: Because of Evalynn's small size and light weight along with the genetic and cybernetic enhancements she has high speed that allows her to keep up with anyone, she is also strong for a kid her age so her ability to lift weights and hit hard is on par with any of the normal strength fighters in the world. She is pretty smart like her father and is an expert with piloting and such, yep she already got her flying AND driver's license. Also she is able to take more of a beating than any normal twelve year old girl.

Weaknesses: Evalynn might of been made tougher than twelve year old girls but her defense and endurance is low in comparison with other people, she relies on her speed to keep her safe from harm. She likes to fight in close combat at times so range fighters will be a chore for her to fight off, also due to her light weight she is easy to throw once one gets her off the ground.

History: Evalynn Robotnik was not born but created by Eggman when he grew tired of only having machines to deal with, yes they were as human like as anyone else but they were still machines none the less also as he got older the more his desire to have a family grew. But due to how he did not have the time to waste on dating and how he found no woman to be worthy of him, he chose instead to create his own child but due to how he seen in so many movies about how the son overthrows the father he picked to have a daughter instead. Also he chose that due to how most if not all his machines have male like personalities, he then proceeded to use his own DNA to create this new life as he already knew around the whole egg cell and sperm cell situation.

First he took the DNA and with a bit of work changed the genetic code to make it where the child would indeed be female instead of male, he even had the machine work and make it where the looks of the child would be randomized in all areas besides the hair and eyes as he wanted the hair to be red and the eyes to be blue like his own. It was then during this that he added and tweaked the DNA further to make the child many times faster, stronger, and tougher than any normal human, it was then he chose the age of twelve for the child due to how he wanted not to deal with potty training and whiny personality yet still have a child and not a teenager to deal with....yet.

After setting the genetic parts down he then had the child grow in a human growth chamber that was shaped like an Egg and called the Eggvat by Dr. Eggman, it only took a week for the kid to be done growing but he wasn't done yet. Not at all he then added cybernetic enhancements to the girl by adding parts to her eyes, brain, muscles, and bones that would further speed up her speed and reaction time as well as endurance though there was only so much he could do for her low endurance without making her too much machine.

When he let her out of the Eggvat the young girl looked around in confusion as Eggman then said "Hohohohohohoho, glad to see you awake my little girl." "Daddy?" questioned the girl which caused Eggman to beam in pride toward himself as he was very happy with his work, he then said "Correct, I am your daddy. Now listen closely, your name is Evalynn Robotnik and my name is Dr. Ivo Robotnik but everyone just calls me Dr. Eggman. Do you understand?" "Yep I understand daddy, I like my name it pretty. So you want me to call you Dr. Eggman instead of Daddy?" " can call me daddy but if people ask who you are talking about say Dr. Eggman." "Ok." said the newly named Evalynn as one of Eggman's machines moved in and gave her new clothes that looked just like Dr. Eggman's outfit just made to fit her.

With that Evalynn Robotnic was born and a new dangerous being was brought into the world, though at least this one also gained her Father's lack of being Pure Evil.

Pictures: Evalynn Robotnik Daddy__s_Little_Girl_by_wagontamer

Evalynn Robotnik Eggman
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Evalynn Robotnik
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