Clashing of Worlds

Worlds that have no connection to one another are suddenly starting to be mixed and mashed, how will this turn out....will heroes join to finally stamp out evil or will this cause more trouble than ever before?
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 Anti-Gravity Field

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PostSubject: Anti-Gravity Field   Sun Jun 06, 2010 8:17 pm

Owner: Dr. Eggman

Name: Anti-Gravity Field

Cost: 0 EP

Element: Space

Description: The energy doesn't look like anything, the only thing that happens is an invisible force lifts an object up into the air. The force though is not too strong so if a person was to struggle against it well it would break and they would be ok and free, so it not any use against enemies.

Advantages/Effects: This allows Eggman to manipulate gravity around certain things, such as himself, small random objects, and any two willing beings near him. This is most used to get tools when he can't move from a certain place, to give him flight, and to help carry other people across things.


Level: 15
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Anti-Gravity Field
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