Clashing of Worlds

Worlds that have no connection to one another are suddenly starting to be mixed and mashed, how will this turn out....will heroes join to finally stamp out evil or will this cause more trouble than ever before?
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 Dark Link (Second Character)

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Zero the Hedgehog

Zero the Hedgehog

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PostSubject: Dark Link (Second Character)   Sun Jun 17, 2012 1:35 pm

Name: Dark Link

Age: Unknown

Race: Dark Link (Yes that is a race within the Zelda Universe.)

Gender: Male

Side: Evil

Character Type: Power, Defense, Speed, Special

Primary: Shadow
Secondary: Death

Description: Dark Link's body and clothes are pitch black. He has a hood like hat and glowing red eyes. He wears a tunic over his chest and wears some boots over his feet. Like I said his clothes and body are pitch black, so everything he wears is pitch black and every feature he has (expect his glowing red eyes) are pitch black.

Personality: Dark Link does not have much of a personality. He is silent and ruthless, not caring for others at all and being loyal to very few people. Unlike most people he is lawless and is nothing more than a monster if you will. His objective is the only thing that matters to him and one may even say he can't feel at all though this has never been proven true or false. It could even be said he is mindless and nothing but a servant. In most cases he appears emotionless and finally he is very mysterious to some.

Strengths: Dark Link can not be tied down with emotions as he is ruthless making trying to stop him without beating him in a battle pointless. He can not be angered easily and insults aren't likely going to do the trick. He also is very powerful in strength and defense which in most cases makes him quite a threat. Finally he is great with a sword and shield meaning that if you plan to fight him with a sword he'll at least prove to have a chance aganist you.

Weaknesses: Since he is mostly nothing more than a doppleganger of Link it is likely if someone has fought Link (once we get a canon character for him) that they will know what to do. And although being ruthless is a strength for him it is also somewhat of a weakness since he can sometimes get into fights he can not win not caring about fear, though in most cases this is rare. Also his special is very weak so using any spells or skills are mostly pointless. Also Dark Link himself has a weakness to spells and skills with the element "Holy" in them as he is a being of darkness.

History: Dark Link was created for one reason and one reason only, to destroy Link and capture the triforce. He was nothing more than a copy of the others and if he failed he could easily be replaced giving his life very little meaning. After continuing to fail along with his brothers he continued to rise back up, he alone survived unlike most of his kind who after being defeated died. He escaped many times being defeated always by him. In the distant future he came back seeking to defeat Link in one of the many temples and although he was strong he failed, faking his death so he wouldn't be killed he returned afterwards once more and continued to fail. All his attempts at destroying him seemed pointless, same as everybody else's.

Than one day he was defeated once more and this time after returning with his brothers had an encounter with fate. His kind were all killed now by his master Ganondorf, who did it all without a single feeling. Now he stood in utter silence until the words were spoke. ... You continue to fail me just as your kind did. I could easily replace you, but I will give you one last chance... Find and do what you've failed to do every time where the worlds clash. If you fail me I will destroy you just like your brothers and end your pointless life once and for all. Now go..." the words were said followed by a flash of white light. When the light disappeared he stood where the worlds clashed as he started his journey... This time it was serious, whether or not he would succeed would be decided by fate and fate only. And he was determined to stop at nothing to accomplish his goal.


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The Mad Genius
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PostSubject: Re: Dark Link (Second Character)   Sun Jun 17, 2012 1:54 pm

Dark Link hmm? Sure fine with me if you have that, Approved.


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PostSubject: Re: Dark Link (Second Character)   Wed Jun 27, 2012 11:43 am

Wow, cool!
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PostSubject: Re: Dark Link (Second Character)   

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Dark Link (Second Character)
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