Clashing of Worlds

Worlds that have no connection to one another are suddenly starting to be mixed and mashed, how will this turn out....will heroes join to finally stamp out evil or will this cause more trouble than ever before?
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 Sonic RPG

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PostSubject: Sonic RPG   Sonic RPG Icon_minitimeFri Jun 15, 2012 6:50 pm

In the near distant future chaos is among all in the universe Sonic once walked... Two factions rage aganist each other seeking power each wanting the chaos emeralds for their own reasons, the Master Emerald has smashed sending Angel Island crashing to the sea, the sacred ARK remains abandoned, and living war machines known as the Shadow Brethren seek the chaos emeralds for only one thing... Power. Choose your destiny, fight for one of the factions whether it be the Chaos Champions or the Overlords, and discover the true power of the chaos powers. Will you be a symbol of justice and liberty helping all in need and working to bring the universe to a brighter day, or will you unleash chaos everywhere and bring everyone in your way to their knees, or do you not care what happens to anyone and only care for yourself? Will you live in the paradise known as the Green Hill Zone or stand above the now crashed and floating above the sea Angel Island? All these and more are your choice... At Sonic Chaos.

(Since I can't really post links due to an odd default setting which prevents members from posting any kinds of links I put the link above in the best way I could. Just copy and paste it than put www in front of it than press enter and you should be fine.)

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Sonic RPG
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