Clashing of Worlds

Worlds that have no connection to one another are suddenly starting to be mixed and mashed, how will this turn out....will heroes join to finally stamp out evil or will this cause more trouble than ever before?
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 Kenos Lege

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PostSubject: Kenos Lege   Kenos Lege Icon_minitimeFri Jun 15, 2012 11:04 am

Name: Kenos Lege

Age: 16 human years old

Race: Human Mystic (able to transform into one's "spirit" animal; in this case, an otter)

Gender: Male

Side: Neutral

Character Type: Speed, Power, Defense, Special

Elements: Nothingness, Water

~Human: Kenos has deep black hair, cut just below the ears. His bangs swing to his left side and ends right above his eyes, which are a strange silver color. His face is long but has almost a boyish appearance to it. Kenos wears slim, straight dark blue jeans, held by a black leather belt with a silver buckle in the shape of a lock, and a plain black T-shirt. His shoes are simply black and have no design. The bottom of his shoes are so worn out they are completely flat. Around his neck is a small silver skeleton key on a silver chain, and on the wrist of his right arm is a silver double banded bracelet with various symbols etched into the individual parts. Kenos is about 5'8" in height, and of average weight.
~Otter: When Kenos transforms into a European otter, his body weight drops by a third and his height by a couple of feet. However, with the added length of his rudder-like tail, he is about the same length as his human form. The otters fur is jet-black all over his body, with a silver necklace of fur around his neck matching his silver eyes. This transformation only and always controls when the human is completely submerged in water.

Personality: Kenos is a very reserve and quiet person, usually seen sitting or standing alone deep in thought. When spoken to, Kenos speaks quietly and seriously, not wasting many words. However, if he gets on the topic, Kenos speaks passionately about his views on the World and on Life. When no one is around, Kenos enjoys conversing with his "pet" badger-- he is one of the few friends the boy has. Despite this, when he bonds with someone that bond is strong and eternal. Although it appears he has no emotion, Kenos longs for companions to share his feelings with. Because he holds them in within his heart, his emotions are often displayed through his battling. Kenos has a soft spot for children and animals. When around people he cares for, he displays a bit of a sarcastic side. Regardless of all the thinking he does, Kenos understands little about himself, and is lost for an answer if one tries to ask him. He refuses to believe the positive things about him, and takes what people say seriously (except when they say something good about him, in which case he believes they are just trying to be nice). He absolutely hates lying, thinking it will hurt the person more if they discover the lie. He'd choose honesty over niceties.

Strengths: Kenos is can easily tell how people are feeling, and usually, what they are thinking as well. He has a quick, strategic mind. Kenos moves swiftly and can jump fairly high. Although often alone, he can work with others if he needs to.

Weaknesses: Kenos is not as flexible as he would like to, and does not have a very high defense. Sometimes, Kenos' actions are misjudged by his emotions, and he loses sight of his purpose. Kenos is also very trusting and gullible. He also is not very talented in terms of magic.


Kenos was born in a small town and has lived there his entire life. While growing up, he was shunned by the other kids because of his seriousness. His isolation led to bullying, so Kenos learned how to defend himself. Soon, he learned that his mere fists, and hiding in the trees (which he was exceptional at climbing), were not enough to keep his antagonists away. Kenos then fashioned a staff of wood to protect himself. Although his relationship with his peers did not get any better, they began to leave him alone.

One time, the young boy was surrounded by a larger group of children than usual and, as he became overwhelmed by the sheer numbers, his only choice was to run. So he ran. Kenos was chased through the forest surrounding the town, rocks and sticks being thrown at him all the way. Eventually, the kids drove him at the edge of the waterfall, where he fell down and into the lake below. The victim struggled to reach the surface of the water, but he never learned to swim before. As he was drowing, the boy began to lose consciousness and the world began to darken. From that darkness, a light began to shine; and he realized that the light was coming from him. The next thing he knew, both the light and darkness had faded away, and he was fine. He was swimming....but in a different form. This was the first time that he had transformed into his spirit creature. Though a little confused and surprised, Kenos was filled with a joy that he had never felt before. For once, he was free, and no one would bother him again. Sadly, when he departed the lake, the otter transformed back into a human. Disappointed, he went back home. However, over the next few weeks, the introvert discovered that he could only transform into an otter in water.

Nearly a month had passed when Kenos met a stranger who claimed he was from another world. This stranger informed him of the vast amount of worlds that exist, and that it was possible for others to visit them. Deeply interested in the topic, Kenos would visit the stranger everyday, asking him every question he could think of. The stranger became a mentor of sort for him, and even helped Kenos forge a new, stronger weapon and master his ability to transform into an otter. The teen became quite skilled in tree climbing, staff wielding, and swimming (although it was probably the otter; he was never really good in water as a human). However, one day the stranger seemed to disappear, and Kenos never saw him again. Although he had never learned his name, the stranger was the closest thing Kenos ever had for a friend. In his absence, the loner searched for a replacement, someone who could be his friend. While walking through the forest, he found just that: a European badger, one with black and silver stripes instead of the usual black and white stripes. He petted the badger, cleaned it, fed it, and, when he transformed into an otter, even talked with it. Kenos learned that the badger's name was Fabrum, and the two struck up a quick friendship. Fabrum follows Kenos even when he's a human, and the two are inseparable.
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PostSubject: Re: Kenos Lege   Kenos Lege Icon_minitimeFri Jun 15, 2012 12:24 pm

Interesting character and well made too, welcome to the site for you are APPROVED.

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